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Terms & Conditions




Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Fazzdoc!

By registering and / or using and / or downloading, installing and / or using the Fazzdoc Platform (including other official marketing media owned / managed by Fazzdoc) the user is deemed to have read, understood and agreed to all the contents in the Terms & Conditions.

These Terms & Conditions are a form of agreement as outlined in a valid agreement between the User and Fazzdoc. If the user does not agree to one, some, or all of the contents of the Terms & Conditions, then the user is not permitted to use the Fazzdoc service.

General Requirements

In these Terms & Conditions, the use of the word "We" refers to Fazzdoc and "You" refers to Users or those who use the Fazzdoc Platform and / or services.

"Platforms" are (a) desktop and mobile versions of websites managed and / or owned by Fazzdoc; and (b) mobile applications provided by Fazzdoc from time to time, including versions of Android and iOS. The platform functions as an intermediary that connects you with service providers in the health sector, including doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies ("Service Providers”).

We offer independent online services and can be accessed through a Platform that allows you:

  • Make reservations for the doctor's schedule provided by partner healthcare providers;
  • Providing information about facilities, facilities and infrastructure from health service providers;
  • Provides information on insurance products offered by partner insurance companies;
  • Providing consultations, advice, and recommendations on doctor bookings and insurance products; and
  • Obtaining any other services that we may add from time to time (each is called "Service” and collectively called "Services”)

through various non-digital tools and methods such as face-to-face, correspondence, or telephone and digital methods such as video calls, e-mail, websites, social media, or applications.

By using our services, you agree and understand that we have the right to:

  • Refuse to use our Services for you;
  • Suspend, cancel or delete your account;
  • Refuse to submit a reservation and submit an application for insurance, or provide our consulting services to you; and / or
  • Cancel your doctor's reservation schedule and application for insurance products;

if you do not comply with these Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and applicable laws and regulations, including if you cannot fulfill the requirements stated by Fazzdoc and / or the Service Provider, or provide false, false or misleading information or data.

We need to emphasize again that we are a technology company, not a health service provider, and also not an insurance provider. We do not employ Service Providers, and we declare no responsibility for actions, errors, carelessness, and / or negligence committed by Service Providers.

Platform Usage

You certify that you are at least 17 years of age or older and are able to enter into a legal agreement. If you are under 17 years of age, you represent and guarantee that you have obtained permission from your parents or legal guardian. By giving consent, your parent or legal guardian agrees to be responsible for: (a) all of your activities on the Platform and / or Services; (b) all fees related to your use of the Services; and (c) your compliance with these Terms & Conditions. If you do not get permission from a parent or legal guardian, you are not permitted to use the Fazzdoc service.

In the event that you provide incorrect data that is not in accordance with the actual circumstances, then you agree that we have the right to refuse, cancel or suspend your account and / or service to you, including following it up through legal process if deemed necessary.

You agree to use the Platform and / or Service only for legal and legal purposes and means. You also agree to comply with procedures, notices, policies and regulations related to the use of our services, including any amendments issued by us.

All forms of your use on this Platform indicate that you agree to authorize and allow Fazzdoc to use, provide information and information about you stored on the Platform to other parties that have a cooperative relationship with Fazzdoc including but not limited to:

  • Submission of doctor's schedule reservations;
  • Your insurance submission, payment of claims;
  • Service and marketing of other products to you; and / or
  • Your communication media with Fazzdoc

You are not allowed to switch or move your account to another party. You understand and are fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password for all activities that occur in your account. You hereby declare that Fazzdoc is not responsible for any consequences, losses or damage arising from misuse of your account; also for any consequences of misinformation relating to submitting your reservation and request for insurance through the Platform.

We reserve the right to at any time display, delete, edit or change any data, content, features or information displayed on the Platform without prior notice. By continuing to use or access the Platform after a change has been made, you declare acceptance of the change.


The currency used is in Rupiah (IDR). Downloading and / or using the Platform is free. However, we reserve the right to at any time charge fees for access to certain features offered through the Platform. Fees that apply to paid features are informed in the Platform, and these fees can be updated at any time.

To confirm reservations and submit insurance requests on the Platform, we will help the Service Provider to calculate the cost of using the Service and inform you on behalf of the Service Provider. You agree to make payment in full for the Service to be provided to you by the Service Provider. You can only use payment channels provided on the Platform. You understand and agree that payment for the Service is not a guarantee of approval from the Service Provider to carry out and provide their Services. The hospital and / or doctor has the right to accept or reject your reservation. Insurance companies have the right to accept or reject your insurance application.

If later your reservation and / or submission of insurance is rejected by the Service Provider, we will refund you after deducting costs such as bank fees, fees to third parties, credit card company fees (if any). We do not provide any guarantee regarding the period of refund to your account. Refunds can take time and depend on bank procedures, our internal, and / or payment system providers.

Limitation of Liability

We always strive to make the Platform safe, comfortable, smooth, and functioning properly, but we cannot guarantee the smooth access, operation and availability of information to the Platform can always be perfect. Information and data on the Platform has the possibility of not being updated in real time.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, Fazzdoc (including the Parent Company, affiliates, partners, directors and employees) is not responsible, and you agree not to hold Fazzdoc responsible for any damage or loss (including but not limited to loss of money, reputation , gains, security or other intangible losses) that result from using the Services in the Platform, your violation of these Terms & Conditions, and / or your violation of the rights and interests of other third parties as a result of your use of our Services.

Links to Third Party Services

The platform provides links to other websites operated by third parties. These links are not indicative of our sponsorship, approval or support of these third party sites. These links are available only for your convenience and are used to provide access to third party sites and not for other purposes.

We do not guarantee and are not responsible for the content, quality, functionality and accuracy of any content on third-party sites. We make no representations or warranties whatsoever for any products or services offered on any third party site. All agreements and transactions between you and third parties (including advertisers) whose links appear on our Platform are between you and the third party. We are not responsible for any loss or claim that may occur from the agreement or transaction between you and the third party.