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Refund Policy




Refund Policy

Fazzdoc T&C Refund is subject to all applicable refund policies, and may be different for each medical facility. Make sure to read the terms and conditions thoroughly and to follow the refund procedure.

General Medical Facility Cancellation Policy

  • Refund is only allowed for refundable medical facility bookings.
  • To get more detailed information of your medical facility reservation refund policy, go to your booking detail / voucher.
  • Cancellation may be subject to some additional fees, depending on each medical facility’s policy and your refund method.
  • The refund process for Medical Facility reservations may take up to 5 days after a complete refund request has been received, and upon approval by Fazzdoc according to the applied terms and conditions.
  • Partial refund request is not accepted; refund for any medical facility reservations will apply to all of your reservation under the same Booking ID.