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As of September 30, 2020, Fazzdoc has temporarily stopped operating. Please contact our e-mail at if you have any needs.

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Making Healthcare Fazz and Safe

Fazzdoc is the convinient and smart way to book doctor or rapid test


For 273 Million people in Indonesia, safe and fast access to healthcare is vital. Visiting medical services often seen as something scary, tedious, and unclean

Fazzdoc wants to change that stigma. We want to transform the way people experience the healthcare industry; it should be unique, friendly, and fun.

Fazzdoc is the convenient and smart way to book doctor or rapid test in a S-A-F-E way!


Safe Time




Fast Result


Easy Booking

Our Story

Fazzdoc’s story begins with our founding member frustrations in the health care booking system. In 2019, our founding member had to do a routine hospital check-up in Singapore with his wife. He purchased a flight ticket online – seamlessly, then booked a hotel room smoothly on the mobile app, yet needed to wait for several days to get doctor confirmation for him and his wife. Last minute, his wife’s doctor had to cancel the appointment and reschedule to the following week. Confronted with a maze of rescheduling activities ranging from his flight, hotel, and no practical way to get instant doctor appointments, put them at as loss as to how to navigate care or hold anyone accountable. Another founding member had recently had his own frustrating encounter knew that their experiences were reflective of a larger problem in healthcare: consumers were powerless. That fall, they founded Fazzdoc.

Since then, Fazzdoc has been focused on a mission – to make healthcare FAZZ and SAFE whether it be for doctor appointment, schedule a test, or get the right care. Along the way, plenty of companies were also looking the same solution for an easy and practical healthcare access. By employing the right technology, design, and data – Fazzdoc is on it’s way to make an impact in the healthcare industry and make it’s system better. One step at a time.


We have been trusted by some of the best companies in Indonesia


Medical Facilities



Our Clients

PT Nikko Securities Indonesia
Plaza Mutiara

Corporate Clients Testimonies

Husein Chandra

Director Yulie Sekuritas
" Tanggap dan cepat"

Fauziawati Uzi

Indolife Pensiontama
" Aplikasi mudah digunakan, pelayanannya cepat, dan teamnya professional"

Poppy Lez

General Manager Uptown
" Service yang diberikan oleh Fazzdoc lengkap, simple, dan fast response"

Milia Sari

Operations Indoasia Aset Manajemen
" Layanan rapid test oleh tim Fazzdoc dilakukan secara profesional dan kompeten. Prosedur simple, mudah dan cepat "

We value TRACTION in driving healthcare forward


Think first principles

We identify the root problem and solve it with the least possible effort and with the highest impact


Radical candor

We value transparency, authenticity, and being candid with each other


Always strive for excellence

Give our best in everything we do. There is always things to improve


Customer first

We focus on customer (patient, doctor, medical facilities, insurance, team) satisfaction, happiness, and loyalty


Think with data

We are data-driven team with a belief if you can't measure it, you can't improve it



We look at problem and continuously seek for the best solution


Open Minded

We value openness, listen to other perspectives and feedback.



We want fast execution; seek to make things faster and simpler.

We are supported by strategic investors and partners


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